Some people just love to get parts of their bodies pierced, whether their ears, nose, and even mouth. They say getting parts of their bodies pierced is like a hobby or happiness to them. Well, where ever you get them, make sure to pay attention to piercing after the process. Know the ways on how to avoid infection after piercing, because this is the most common issue.

One of the crucial moments of getting pierced is after getting it done. Usually, their body part will get red or itchy and cause infection. If this happens, do not scratch because it will make it worse. Here are some ways on how to avoid infections after piercing that you can do:

1. Clean Piercing Area

Wherever you got your body pierced, make sure to clean it afterward. Whether it is your lips, tongue, cheek, or ear, make sure to clean them. If you happen to get a tongue to pierce, then rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash. Do this regularly after the piercing and after you eat for at least 2-3 weeks.

On the other for those piercing their outer skin, clean the skin twice a day. You can use running water and soap to clean the site, however, make sure to dry it too. Just make sure to do it gently so that it doesn’t scar your skin.

2. Don’t Touch too Much

Another easy way to prevent avoid infection is by not touching it too much. Usually, people are curious about their new accessories therefore they touch it a lot. However, prevent doing this because you don’t how dirty your hand is. If you do want to touch the piercing, make sure to clean your hand first with soap too.

3. Don’t Change the Jewelry

The most piercing will heal around 4-6 months depending on the sensitivity of the skin. Therefore, before it heals it is best not to change or take off the jewelry. This action is more potential to cause infection and itch to your skin. The only time you should consider changing or taking of the piercing if there is an allergic reaction.

4. Choose the Right Soap/ cleansing

How to avoid infection after piercing is also by choosing the right cleansing. Make sure to choose the right soap based on the skin. Don’t use the soaps you usually use for your body to clean your tongue lips. Because if you do, it will just make the infection worse.

5. Choose the Right Place to Pierce

Sometimes an infection can occur because the tools and processes are just not right. Therefore, make sure to get your piercing in a trusted and professional place. Pay attention to the place and the tools the person wears. Make sure they wear plastic gloves and clean all their tools.

Getting a piercing is interesting and for some people, it is a booster to make them feel confident. However, just make sure to know how to avoid infection after piercing so that the piercing will still look good. Therefore, you can look good in your new jewelry.