Being healthy is everything. We won’t get hurt or sick whatever the condition and whatever the cause. We don’t want to have a disease whatever it is including Gluten Intolerance. In some cases, gluten intolerance is known as a simple disease which it has no dangerous impact. But, in other cases, gluten intolerance becomes a dangerous disease. Many people asking about is gluten intolerance genetic? Then, did you get the answer? If you have not got the answer yet, I will explain to you completely about gluten intolerance.

Is gluten intolerance genetic

What is Gluten Intolerance?

If you wondering about the question “is gluten intolerance genetic?” you need to know first about what is the meaning of gluten intolerance is. Gluten intolerance is the disease that our body gives a negative response after consuming such gluten food. This disease is almost the same with celiac disease. Some people argue that both of them are the same. But actually, both of them are different. Celiac disease commonly increases someone’s immunity. Moreover, in celiac disease, people will feel the infection in some parts of their bodies.

Commonly, gluten intolerance can affect celiac disease. Moreover, gluten intolerance is the permanent disease therefore, you can totally heal this disease, but you just able to against the cause of gluten intolerance.

How Can Gluten Intolerance Contaminated? Is Gluten Intolerance Genetic?

Many people wondering about is gluten intolerance genetic. As the previous explanation that this disease cannot heal totally. Then, it contaminated by family amounts of 25 percent. Therefore, gluten intolerance genetically contaminated. Commonly, it contaminated from the mother into a child. Not only from the mother into a child, but the twins baby will have 70 percent contaminate gluten intolerance.

The Symptoms Of Gluten Intolerance

The symptom of gluten intolerance is different among people. the symptoms are shown differently based on age. For adult people, the symptoms are almost common symptoms such as tired, constipation, vomiting. Then, older children show poor growth, malabsorption, abdominal pain, and also diarrhea. For a baby, the symptoms are pale, lethargy, and also a failure to thrive.

Thus, when you face your family or your child having those kinds of symptoms, you must be hurry to bring them into the doctor to get more diagnoses and medical treatment. The doctor will cross check the symptoms by having such a gluten intolerance test. The test is a kind of antibody test because gluten intolerance is almost the immune disease or antibody disease.

What Is The Best Medicine And Treatment For Gluten Intolerance?

As the previous explanation that gluten intolerance cannot be healed, thus what you need to do is doing some simple treatments at home. Moreover, we have known that this disease is genetic contaminate. Gluten intolerance is caused by gluten substance in the food. Therefore, you need to avoid any kind of food that contains gluten. You must be aware and always looking at the ingredients first before eating. Moreover, you also need to do such a diet from some fast food.

Those are the explanation of gluten intolerance. Now, we know the answer to the question is gluten intolerance genetic. Therefore, we must be aware of gluten symptoms that occur to our family. Thus, everything will be okay.