Sometimes we will get hiccups and it sucks. It can go away in a few minutes but it can disturb us while talking or eating. Many people will recommend you some way how to remove hiccups. For example, they may recommend you to eat a spoon of sugar or hold your breath for a while. But have you ever wonder which one will be the best way to remove it?

The scientist didn’t do so many studies on this problem. They just discover that hiccups happen because of your anecdotal evidence. Then it stimulates your diaphragm and caused some contraction. You don’t need to be worry because the hiccups can come and go in a short time. Maybe you have eaten too quickly or drunk some cola before.

Hiccups usually happen in a short time but it can take too long. This shows that on your body, something was gone wrong. When it happen for more than 24 hours, you should go to the doctor and talk about your hiccups. There are some tips on how to remove hiccups you can do.

1. Measured Your Breathing

When you had a hiccup, control your breath will be the best way you can do to remove it. Control your breath to enter the air in 5 seconds and hold it for a little time. After that, breath out in slowly for near 5 seconds in count. This technique will make your diaphragm under control and reduce hiccups.

2. Hold Your Breath

At the start, this technique honestly has the same concept as measuring your breath. But you should take your breath for a little longer. Hold your breath for almost 20 seconds and let it out slowly. This technique can make your diaphragm contraction on your control. As a result, the hiccups will be restrained for a little while then reduced slowly.

3. Breath Into a Paper Bag

This is one old popular way to remove hiccups in the West. Breathing into a paper bag will make your entrance air volume under control. Similarly, a paper bag will have the same volume while you breathe in. But don’t ever try this with a plastic bag because it can make you breathe in the carbon dioxide. It will be dangerous for you and the worst thing, you will lost your awareness.

4. Hug your knees

While you had hiccups, hug your knees can decrease it. You should sit in a comfortable place because you will hug your knees a little longer. Let your body relax and then hug your knees for maybe 2-5 minutes. It will make your stomach muscle in a position that can relax. As a result, your diaphragm will decrease the contraction and reduce your hiccups.

This article just give you some tips to remove hiccups but you can do other things. For example, you can compress your chest that gives some pressure on your diaphragm. Don’t be panic while hiccups happen on you because it was a usual thing. Try to control your breathing and keep relax. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor if you had it more frequently.