Perhaps you already familiar or at least ever heard about stroke attack. Sadly, not many people really know what it is. Stroke is a brain attack that happens when the blood supply stops. Blood is very essential to the brain because it brings oxygen and nutrients so the brain can work properly. Without blood, the brain cells are damaged and not able to do their jobs. Thus, when there is no supply, someone will get problems, such as hard to speak, paralysis of face or arm, headache, until difficult to walk. To avoid these conditions, read this article about how to prevent stroke naturally through your daily activity.

Actually, the prevention of stroke can be done through a healthy lifestyle. It is the main key to avoid any disease and other health problems. Because, the risk doesn’t only come from a medical condition, but many people get stroke due to their lifestyle. If we are talking about medical factors, so it will relate to cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and diabetes. While we discuss the way you live, you must watch your daily intake, smoking and drinking habit, and many more. See how to prevent stroke naturally below for more details:

1. Stop Smoking

The first thing to do if you won’t get a stroke attack is to stop smoking. There is no excuse that smoking makes your blood to clot. When someone doesn’t smoke, he/she already has a risk to get a stroke. It will be worse with smoking; the risk is double. No matter how long you have already smoking, just stop now and be consistent. We know that it is hard, but, remember, your health is more important than it.

2. Avoid Alcohol

When someone asks you to stop smoking, they follow the advice of avoiding alcohol. Because these two activities are usually done at the same time. Alcohol gives a bad result in your blood pressure. If you feel hard to do this, then start to limit it now. When you are in a celebration or attending a party, remember, find an alternative drink than alcohol. Or, if you are hard to ignore it, drink with food or drink slowly.

3. Eating Well

This part doesn’t mean you only take fruits and vegetables on the plate. Choose the variety of healthy foods, such as proteins, dairy food, starchy food, or fats and sugars (but don’t too much). Try to limit junk food because it gives a bad effect on your weight which is risky to result high blood pressure. If you need a professional hand to manage our intake, then see the nutritionist get a recommendation.

4. Be Active

For those who always say never have time to go to the gym, then just stay active. There is no reason not to move along the day. You can ask for dog-walking, taking stairs instead of lift or escalator, warming up your body in the morning, and many more. These activities are good to reduce high blood pressure.

5. Maintain Stress

Stress is not only for the worker, everybody potentially gets the stress. So, it is important to manage your stress and anger. Maybe the effect won’t be seen in a short time. But, if you let it for the long-term, your health will be affected too.

Talking about the stroke risk, indeed, there are factors that you cannot change, such as family history, age, gender, and ethnic background. However, stroke attacks can be reduced by doing things above. If you get other tips about how to prevent stroke naturally, you better share it with your family, friends, and neighborhood. Probably they are looking for that information to stay healthy too.