Lice are so disturbing. They can make the head feel itchy, and sometimes make the head get blister because you scratch them often. There are some ways you can do to remove them. Here are home remedy lice treatment for kids and adults, with or without chemical drugs.

For Kids Under 6 Years

Home remedy lice treatment better is done without chemical things. Because kids can get the side effect which may make them sick more. This is how you can remove the lice and eggs from your kids’ heads.

1. Use Tight Comb

The safest treatment for lice is by combing. But sure it’s time-consuming. If your kids are still under 6 years and you don’t want to get any side effects to them, try this way.

First, you need a tight comb. You can easily find this comb in an online or offline shop. There is also a lice comb which is completed with a lamp to make your search easier.

2. Start From Itchy Area

Then, you can start your exploration of the area that your kids scratched often. Comb the hair to the side, and look for the lice.

It would be easier to find the egg, but sometimes the lice appear near them. Comb the hair several times in the same area.

3. Kill The Lice

Once you get the lice, kill them. Use a piece of paper, put the lice above the paper then push it. This is to make sure that they will not back to your kid’s hair.

It is because when the lice are just thrown from the head without make sure that the lice are dead, they can climb again to the hair. They can stay alive for about 24 hours outside the hair.

Kids And Adult

The next way of home remedy lice treatment, is using chemical drugs. Some of them have side effect so make sure that you are ready to face it.

1. Malathion

This drug is chemical, so be careful when using it. You can put the malathion lotion to your dry hair. Lice usually like to stay near the neck and the back of the head.

So make sure the area is covered by the lotion. Then, let the hair uncovered for about 8-12 hours. This medication took a lot of time, but many people agree that this drug works well.

After letting the drugs work, you can wash the hair with shampoo. Make sure all the lotion is gone. Then comb your wet hair carefully.

The egg and lice will die, and easy to get. Collect them in a piece of white paper. It is to make the cleaning process easier because it won’t make your sofa or floor dirty.

2. Ivermectin

The next drug you can use is ivermectin. The form or this drug is lotion just like malathion. But you don’t need several hours to let the drugs work.

To do the home remedy lice treatment with ivermectin, you need to apply the lotion to the head. Make sure all hair area is covered well.

Let the ivermectin works for about 10 minutes. Then, wash it with shampoo until clean. When the hair is still wet, comb it using a tight comb.

This home remedy lice treatment can be done easily at home. If you don’t want to get the side effect or allergic to one of the chemical lotion above, just do the manual way to remove the lice.

Lice are so disturbing. But sometimes, because of the lice which are living in your kids’ hair, you can get more quality time together.

You can spend some minutes or hours with your kids while removing lice manually. This is also actually becoming a culture in some country, to remove the lice and talking to one another family member at home.