Smoking is the top three most dangerous things that cause death. It also causes many diseases such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, cancer, and many others. Based on the study of many cases, smoking can increase the risk of diabetes, cancer, infections, and problems for pregnant women. Not only those diseases, but there are many other diseases caused by smoking. Thus, we can get the conclusion that smoking is dangerous. Then, can we find the best ways to quit smoking? Yes, we can.

best ways to quit smoking

1. Build a Commitment

Quit from smoking is not easy especially for the addict. Therefore, the addict needs to build his commitment to stop smoking. The commitment should be strong and comes from their selves. If the commitment is not strong or he did it by perforce, he will fail to quit smoking. Remember that what you do to quit smoking is the best lifestyle for you. Strengthen your commitment by knowing the risk of smoking. Then, you will succeed to quit smoking.

2. Set a Date

The second from the list of the best ways to quit smoking is by setting a date. This date is related to the commitment built. The function setting a date is to make a border between your changing. It is also your alarm to remind you about your commitment. Tell yourself that in this day, what date and what year, you decide to quit smoking. Tell those words as your magic words to remind your commitment. Give power inside yourself to keep on your commitment. Keep yourself busy by conducted other things except smoking.

3. Find The Support From People Around

The decision to quit smoking should be from the addict but the support should come from many sides. The support can make a big effect on the addict. If someone loses his hope and tired of everything, he may need support from many sides such as their family, couple, and also friends. The support can give strong power and spirit to others. Then, tell your family and friends and ask them to support you more to quit smoking.

4. Medical Treatments

After decided to quit smoking, the next step that you need is to conduct the medical treatment. The medical treatment is needed to help with symptoms, cravings, and other effects of smoking. It is like cleaning yourself from the symptoms of the disease. If there is a problem or any symptoms, the medical treatment will fix it immediately before getting bad. Many treatments need to conduct by the addict such as nicotine replacement, varenicline, bupropion, and many others. Except for the medical treatment, the addict is also able to conduct the traditional treatment that is acupuncture and hypnosis treatment.

Those best ways to quit smoking should combine the changing of lifestyle. After decided to quit smoking, the addict should be conducted a healthy lifestyle in order to maximize the healing of the symptoms. Do not lose hope and give support to your elf regularly. Remember that smoking is not healthy for you and give a bad effect. Then, you will have a strong patient to quit smoking.