Good news for those who love to consume chocolate whether in a drink or as a bar. This is because chocolate, especially dark chocolate contains many vitamins and nutrients that are positive for the body. Dark chocolate is made from the seed of a cocoa tree, where it is the best source of antioxidants. Other than antioxidants, there are many other proven benefits of chocolate for health that are good for the human body. Therefore, consuming the right amount of dark chocolate in a period of time can help you be healthier.

Even though chocolate is healthy, research recommends consuming at least 1-2 pieces/day only. Because dark chocolate still contains a small amount of sugar, which is not good if we consume too much. However, when choosing dark chocolate, make sure to consume dark chocolate with a high cacao percentage. Because the higher the percentage of cocoa the better it is for the body, although it can be bitter. Here are some other benefits of chocolate for health that you can feel after consuming them:

1. Contains Much Nutrition

Dark chocolate is good for the body because it is rich in nutrition such as magnesium, fiber, and iron. This nutrition is important for the body as it can make the body strong and healthy. However, it is best to consume dark chocolate in a moderation way because nutrition is still complete. 

2. Help Lose Weight

People who are on diet can consume dark chocolate because it can help you lose some weight. According to research, consuming dark chocolate will make people full easier and eat less. Therefore, it is best to consume dark chocolate 20 minutes before and five minutes after you consume a meal. By eating chocolate at this time, you can cut your meal up to 50%. So, for those who are on a diet can try this trick out.

3. Relieve Stress

One of the most proven benefits of chocolate for health is it can relieve stress. Consuming chocolate in a bar or drinking chocolate can make people happier. Even scientists agree with this statement because chocolate just tastes good and amazing. Dark chocolate contains a component named phenylethylamine, which stimulates the body to a happy feeling. Therefore, if you are feeling stressed out, make sure to eat and drink some chocolate.

4. Gives you Energy Boost

For people who are addicted to coffee but learning to drink less can consume dark chocolate as a change. The amount of caffeine in dark chocolate is smaller compared to coffee but it can help boost your energy. Research in England even said that dark chocolate is good to consume for athletes because it can give energy.

5. Help Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Some research even found out that consuming dark chocolate can help reduce heart disease risk. This is because dark chocolate contains a compound that can help protect the oxidation of LDL. The study found that people who consume dark chocolate have fewer effects compared to the ones that didn’t consume any.

So, for those who love chocolate can start eating dark chocolate to fill their desire. However, even though there are many benefits of chocolate for health, make sure to consume them the right way. By eating chocolate with the right portion, you can have a healthier and stronger body.