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The Ways How To Prevent High Uric Acid That You Need To Know

Healthy is an expensive thing that you cannot buy everywhere. Therefore, we need to have a healthy lifestyle in order to keep our body healthy especially our kidneys. The kidney is one of the important organs in our body that we need to protect. Not only important, but the kidney also becomes a sensitive organ that easy to get the disease. It was proved by the uric produced by our body. One of the conditions that will be dangerous for our kidneys is uric acid. Then, how to prevent high uric acid? Here are the ways.

1. Sugar Diet

We know together that many people like to eat something sweet such as sugar. But, have you know that sugar is dangerous for our bodies? Especially when we consume sugar at a high level. What we have to do to keep our health especially about how to prevent high uric acid is doing a sugar diet. Sugar not only dangerous for a kidney but also becomes the cause of diabetes. Therefore, we need to be careful about consuming sugar.

2. Drink Water More

Kidney is the organ that you can protect easily by drink more water. Therefore, if you asking about how to prevent high uric acid, I will briefly answer that you need to drink water more. Water contains a good substance such as mineral and many others that can help us to prevent uric acid. Not only prevent the uric acid, but water can also protect our kidney becomes healthy and clean. If needed, you need to drink regularly. Set your personal alarm to remind you to drink water.

3. Forbidden To Consume Alcohol

However, we know together that alcohol brings so much lack and bad thing for our body. That is the reason why we should avoid alcohol to protect our bodies healthy. When you are alcohol lover, now you should try to do not consume alcohol too much. In fact, alcohol can make our body dehydrated and become the reason of uric acid. So, if you have uric acid and you want to fix it, you should avoid alcohol.

4. Lose Your Weight

Body shaming is bad. But in this chance, I don’t want to do a body shamming but I want to talk about body health. Having an extra pound can be the cause of uric acid. Therefore, you need to keep your weight in a normal weight. If you have a fat body, you need to do some healthy diet to lose weight. Diet doesn’t mean you push your body to do not eat something, but diet means you change your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle by controlling your food and weight.

5. Balancing Your Insulin Level

in order to fix the uric acid, the important thing you must do is having a medical checked up about insulin level. Therefore, you can be aware of your body and know the real condition of your body. Having too much insulin can cause uric acid. Therefore, you should have a normal insulin level in your body.

Healthy is important and knowing about how to prevent high uric acid is also important to keep our kidney healthy. Try to have a healthy life. Think something good for us and don’t try to do something bad to our body.

The Best Ways To Quit Smoking For Healthy Lifestyle

Smoking is the top three most dangerous things that cause death. It also causes many diseases such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, cancer, and many others. Based on the study of many cases, smoking can increase the risk of diabetes, cancer, infections, and problems for pregnant women. Not only those diseases, but there are many other diseases caused by smoking. Thus, we can get the conclusion that smoking is dangerous. Then, can we find the best ways to quit smoking? Yes, we can.

best ways to quit smoking

1. Build a Commitment

Quit from smoking is not easy especially for the addict. Therefore, the addict needs to build his commitment to stop smoking. The commitment should be strong and comes from their selves. If the commitment is not strong or he did it by perforce, he will fail to quit smoking. Remember that what you do to quit smoking is the best lifestyle for you. Strengthen your commitment by knowing the risk of smoking. Then, you will succeed to quit smoking.

2. Set a Date

The second from the list of the best ways to quit smoking is by setting a date. This date is related to the commitment built. The function setting a date is to make a border between your changing. It is also your alarm to remind you about your commitment. Tell yourself that in this day, what date and what year, you decide to quit smoking. Tell those words as your magic words to remind your commitment. Give power inside yourself to keep on your commitment. Keep yourself busy by conducted other things except smoking.

3. Find The Support From People Around

The decision to quit smoking should be from the addict but the support should come from many sides. The support can make a big effect on the addict. If someone loses his hope and tired of everything, he may need support from many sides such as their family, couple, and also friends. The support can give strong power and spirit to others. Then, tell your family and friends and ask them to support you more to quit smoking.

4. Medical Treatments

After decided to quit smoking, the next step that you need is to conduct the medical treatment. The medical treatment is needed to help with symptoms, cravings, and other effects of smoking. It is like cleaning yourself from the symptoms of the disease. If there is a problem or any symptoms, the medical treatment will fix it immediately before getting bad. Many treatments need to conduct by the addict such as nicotine replacement, varenicline, bupropion, and many others. Except for the medical treatment, the addict is also able to conduct the traditional treatment that is acupuncture and hypnosis treatment.

Those best ways to quit smoking should combine the changing of lifestyle. After decided to quit smoking, the addict should be conducted a healthy lifestyle in order to maximize the healing of the symptoms. Do not lose hope and give support to your elf regularly. Remember that smoking is not healthy for you and give a bad effect. Then, you will have a strong patient to quit smoking.

The Cause and How to Avoid Vertigo

Have you ever felt losing a balance suddenly? You should be aware of it because probably you get vertigo. It is a sensation of getting spin or dizzy, even worse someone could get blackout. There is a medication that can treat vertigo, but vertigo can be healed with natural treatments. However, before you go further with the remedies, it is important for you to know the causes and how to avoid vertigo first. Because however, anticipation is way better than cure.

In several people, vertigo only comes one. But the others sometime get it to reoccur until the cause is determined. Vertigo is often caused by an inner problem from the ear. The other causes might come from the cold virus, head or neck injury, Vestibular neuritis, and Meniere’s disease. If you want to know what exactly makes you vertigo, you need to see the doctor. The points below are about how to avoid vertigo through simple ways:

1. Getting Sit Position

When someone get dizzy, they need to sit directly. It is due to reduce the risk of getting fall. Turn the head into 45 degrees position in the left. Hold it for 30 seconds, then raising it to 90 degrees for more 30 seconds. The side of sitting depends on where vertigo comes. If it is from the right side, so you do the reverse position from this explanation.

2. Stay Hydrated

There is no hesitation that dehydration can cause vertigo. That is why you need to ensure your body is hydrated to minimize dizziness. Your body needs up to 12 cups of liquid each day. Mineral water is the best choice among all water options. Besides it is costless, mineral water is calorie- and caffeine-free.

3. Essential Oils

Another thing that is affordable for vertigo is essential oils. It is proven to effectively to help dizziness, nausea, and headache. You can choose various variants of scents, such as ginger, lavender, peppermint, and lemon. Add the oils into an infuser, then whoever smells the fragrance will get relax. Moreover, when your balance problem occurs, it will slowly reduce.

4. Acupressure

The practice of acupressure is the same as the acupuncture concept but using no needles. The aim of acupressure is to make relaxation in your nerves. Then, as time goes by, vertigo will be healed because certain points of the body are pressed. The most common method is by pressing the two tendons. These can be found in the inner forearm and the wrist.

5. Having Tea

Many kinds of research have proven that tea could heal vertigo, especially ginger tea. The ginger will go to the root of vertigo causes. Just boil the water and add the ginger insider for about 5 minutes. If you want a better taste, add the honey to your tea. If you have this tea twice a day, then your vertigo symptoms will disappear.

Now you already knew the cause and how to avoid vertigo by yourself. Those points above can also as your anticipation if you haven’t got this one ever. However, one thing for sure, stress management is also important because it is able to cause vertigo. You might have yoga or any relaxation activities after work.

This is Some Easy Way How to Remove Hiccups For You

Sometimes we will get hiccups and it sucks. It can go away in a few minutes but it can disturb us while talking or eating. Many people will recommend you some way how to remove hiccups. For example, they may recommend you to eat a spoon of sugar or hold your breath for a while. But have you ever wonder which one will be the best way to remove it?

The scientist didn’t do so many studies on this problem. They just discover that hiccups happen because of your anecdotal evidence. Then it stimulates your diaphragm and caused some contraction. You don’t need to be worry because the hiccups can come and go in a short time. Maybe you have eaten too quickly or drunk some cola before.

Hiccups usually happen in a short time but it can take too long. This shows that on your body, something was gone wrong. When it happen for more than 24 hours, you should go to the doctor and talk about your hiccups. There are some tips on how to remove hiccups you can do.

1. Measured Your Breathing

When you had a hiccup, control your breath will be the best way you can do to remove it. Control your breath to enter the air in 5 seconds and hold it for a little time. After that, breath out in slowly for near 5 seconds in count. This technique will make your diaphragm under control and reduce hiccups.

2. Hold Your Breath

At the start, this technique honestly has the same concept as measuring your breath. But you should take your breath for a little longer. Hold your breath for almost 20 seconds and let it out slowly. This technique can make your diaphragm contraction on your control. As a result, the hiccups will be restrained for a little while then reduced slowly.

3. Breath Into a Paper Bag

This is one old popular way to remove hiccups in the West. Breathing into a paper bag will make your entrance air volume under control. Similarly, a paper bag will have the same volume while you breathe in. But don’t ever try this with a plastic bag because it can make you breathe in the carbon dioxide. It will be dangerous for you and the worst thing, you will lost your awareness.

4. Hug your knees

While you had hiccups, hug your knees can decrease it. You should sit in a comfortable place because you will hug your knees a little longer. Let your body relax and then hug your knees for maybe 2-5 minutes. It will make your stomach muscle in a position that can relax. As a result, your diaphragm will decrease the contraction and reduce your hiccups.

This article just give you some tips to remove hiccups but you can do other things. For example, you can compress your chest that gives some pressure on your diaphragm. Don’t be panic while hiccups happen on you because it was a usual thing. Try to control your breathing and keep relax. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor if you had it more frequently.

Home Remedy Lice Treatment For Kids And Adult

Lice are so disturbing. They can make the head feel itchy, and sometimes make the head get blister because you scratch them often. There are some ways you can do to remove them. Here are home remedy lice treatment for kids and adults, with or without chemical drugs.

For Kids Under 6 Years

Home remedy lice treatment better is done without chemical things. Because kids can get the side effect which may make them sick more. This is how you can remove the lice and eggs from your kids’ heads.

1. Use Tight Comb

The safest treatment for lice is by combing. But sure it’s time-consuming. If your kids are still under 6 years and you don’t want to get any side effects to them, try this way.

First, you need a tight comb. You can easily find this comb in an online or offline shop. There is also a lice comb which is completed with a lamp to make your search easier.

2. Start From Itchy Area

Then, you can start your exploration of the area that your kids scratched often. Comb the hair to the side, and look for the lice.

It would be easier to find the egg, but sometimes the lice appear near them. Comb the hair several times in the same area.

3. Kill The Lice

Once you get the lice, kill them. Use a piece of paper, put the lice above the paper then push it. This is to make sure that they will not back to your kid’s hair.

It is because when the lice are just thrown from the head without make sure that the lice are dead, they can climb again to the hair. They can stay alive for about 24 hours outside the hair.

Kids And Adult

The next way of home remedy lice treatment, is using chemical drugs. Some of them have side effect so make sure that you are ready to face it.

1. Malathion

This drug is chemical, so be careful when using it. You can put the malathion lotion to your dry hair. Lice usually like to stay near the neck and the back of the head.

So make sure the area is covered by the lotion. Then, let the hair uncovered for about 8-12 hours. This medication took a lot of time, but many people agree that this drug works well.

After letting the drugs work, you can wash the hair with shampoo. Make sure all the lotion is gone. Then comb your wet hair carefully.

The egg and lice will die, and easy to get. Collect them in a piece of white paper. It is to make the cleaning process easier because it won’t make your sofa or floor dirty.

2. Ivermectin

The next drug you can use is ivermectin. The form or this drug is lotion just like malathion. But you don’t need several hours to let the drugs work.

To do the home remedy lice treatment with ivermectin, you need to apply the lotion to the head. Make sure all hair area is covered well.

Let the ivermectin works for about 10 minutes. Then, wash it with shampoo until clean. When the hair is still wet, comb it using a tight comb.

This home remedy lice treatment can be done easily at home. If you don’t want to get the side effect or allergic to one of the chemical lotion above, just do the manual way to remove the lice.

Lice are so disturbing. But sometimes, because of the lice which are living in your kids’ hair, you can get more quality time together.

You can spend some minutes or hours with your kids while removing lice manually. This is also actually becoming a culture in some country, to remove the lice and talking to one another family member at home.

8 How To Cure Yeast Infection Easily

The fungus is the most disturbing thing especially if it sticks to the body. Not only will itchy effect, but also reduce self-confidence in sufferers. Actually it is not difficult to overcome the interference by this fungus. The following is an explanation of how to cure yeast infection.

1. Taking Medicine

Taking medication is one of the efforts to overcome yeast infections. The drug used must be specific to people with this infection. The use of drugs must adjust to the type of infection suffered. Because this yeast infection has several types that must be treated with different drugs.

2. Cure Yeast Infection with Debridement

How to cure yeast infections one of which is to do debridement. The doctor will do the debridement procedure by removing yeast-infected tissue. The purpose of this method is for the infected tissue to be able to repair itself faster.

3. Dieting Certain Foods and Beverages

Food and drink turned out to be a factor in someone contracting a yeast infection. Diet by avoiding foods or drinks that trigger yeast on the body can be one way. Usually, the foods or drinks that trigger the occurrence of mushrooms include alcoholic beverages, foods or drinks with high sugar levels, and dairy products.

4. Consuming Garlic

The composition of Allicin in garlic turned out to be very beneficial. Many people believe that these compounds are antibacterial and antifungal. For that, consuming lots of garlic can help in curing yeast infections. If you are taking mushroom medicine, consult your doctor before consuming garlic. That is why garlic can be used as one way of how to cure yeast infections.

5. Bathing With Tea Tree Oil

This method of bathing with tea tree oil can also cure yeast infections in parts of the body. The trick is to soak the affected body part with water mixed with oil. The reason is because the compounds in the oil contain antifungals and antivirals. Pour 10 to 15 drops of the oil into the water and soak for 15 minutes.

6. Take Probiotics

The next way is to consume probiotics regularly. Probiotics are good bacteria that can function as antifungals in the human body. To get probiotics, you can take drugs that contain probiotics or yogurt. Good yogurt is plain yogurt without sugar that is good for consumption every day. This is how to cure yeast infection easily.

7. Consume A Lot Of Vitamin C

Many people who do not know that lack of vitamin C can cause a person to experience fungal infections. One example is canker sores. The cause of this disease is not due to lack of vitamin C but rather a disruption by the fungus. This can be overcome by consuming vitamin C regularly. Therefore, natural vitamin C from fruits and vegetables is safer for consumption as a way to cure yeast infections.

8. Include Vitamin E Consumption

In addition to vitamin C, it turns out that vitamin E can also be used as a way to cure infections caused by fungi. Fungi can also appear due to a weak immune system. The content of antioxidants in vitamin E can at least reduce yeast infections.

The explanation above is regarding 8 things of how to cure yeast infections. Given this yeast infection is very disturbing for every sufferer. All of the above can be done easily. It’s just that if the interference from this infection is very severe, immediately come to the doctor for further consultation and examination.

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