Choking could happen in anybody, including the infant. It is a condition when someone cannot breathe due to various factors, usually foods, a toy, or any object that blocks the throat. If you find this situation, don’t be panic. Thus, you need to know the first aid for choking infant. Indeed, it is possible to get worse, but at least, when you do the first aid, you can prevent the bad thing until the medical help arrive.

first aid for choking infant

Before you know the first aid for choking infants, you should understand the symptoms too. Of course, the most obvious sign is the baby hard to breathe. You can see their ribs and chest pull inward. Don’t imagine they will cry out loud. Contrarily, it is hard to cry and even make a soft noise. Also, their face will turn into red puffy and shows stress. Now it is time to see how to handle it:

1. Do Not Put Finger Inside

The first thing that will cross your mind is taking out what is inside their mouths. It is true, but never try to put in your fingers, unless you can see the object. Even though you can see the object, you still potentially make it further down or damaged the throat. But if you really sure can safely pluck it out, then just do.

2. Slap It Out

If you see the baby is hard to breathe, cry, or cough, you need to back their blow. Lay the baby face down. You can use your forearm and thigh to support their head and neck. Give a gentle back blows between their shoulder blades. The position of their head must be lower than their body.

3. Squeeze It Out

If the previous method cannot make the object out, you can squeeze your baby. Turn the baby face-up and lay down on your thigh or lap to support their body. Don’t forget to support their neck and head too. Place two fingers in the center of their chest, exactly below the nipples line. Give five quick chest thrusts, press the chest until a half depth of the chest. Continue it until the object is coming out.

4. Do Not Place Them Upside Down by Their Feet

This is absolutely not an effective method. It is so risky to make the object further dropped down and more injuries inside. Once the object goes more down, it could blockade their throat that causes them to be harder to breathe. Also, you should stop slapping if the baby stops breathing for the other causes, for example, asthma, swelling, or blow to the head.

5. Call for a Help

You might get more frustrated when the baby looks worse. At this time, you cannot hold for more time, just hang up the phone and call an ambulance or anyone for help. It is a dangerous situation, so you need a professional hand to handle. Keep giving the back blows or chest thrusts until they are coming to help your baby.

Those are what you can do as the first aid for choking infant. On the other hand, you can do early prevention for this. Keep watching the infant while he/she is playing around. Don’t put potential objects, like coins, nuts, or small items, around them. Also, never give the toys with small parts under 3 years old.