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Tips on How to Avoid Infection After Piercing You Should Know

Some people just love to get parts of their bodies pierced, whether their ears, nose, and even mouth. They say getting parts of their bodies pierced is like a hobby or happiness to them. Well, where ever you get them, make sure to pay attention to piercing after the process. Know the ways on how to avoid infection after piercing, because this is the most common issue.

One of the crucial moments of getting pierced is after getting it done. Usually, their body part will get red or itchy and cause infection. If this happens, do not scratch because it will make it worse. Here are some ways on how to avoid infections after piercing that you can do:

1. Clean Piercing Area

Wherever you got your body pierced, make sure to clean it afterward. Whether it is your lips, tongue, cheek, or ear, make sure to clean them. If you happen to get a tongue to pierce, then rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash. Do this regularly after the piercing and after you eat for at least 2-3 weeks.

On the other for those piercing their outer skin, clean the skin twice a day. You can use running water and soap to clean the site, however, make sure to dry it too. Just make sure to do it gently so that it doesn’t scar your skin.

2. Don’t Touch too Much

Another easy way to prevent avoid infection is by not touching it too much. Usually, people are curious about their new accessories therefore they touch it a lot. However, prevent doing this because you don’t how dirty your hand is. If you do want to touch the piercing, make sure to clean your hand first with soap too.

3. Don’t Change the Jewelry

The most piercing will heal around 4-6 months depending on the sensitivity of the skin. Therefore, before it heals it is best not to change or take off the jewelry. This action is more potential to cause infection and itch to your skin. The only time you should consider changing or taking of the piercing if there is an allergic reaction.

4. Choose the Right Soap/ cleansing

How to avoid infection after piercing is also by choosing the right cleansing. Make sure to choose the right soap based on the skin. Don’t use the soaps you usually use for your body to clean your tongue lips. Because if you do, it will just make the infection worse.

5. Choose the Right Place to Pierce

Sometimes an infection can occur because the tools and processes are just not right. Therefore, make sure to get your piercing in a trusted and professional place. Pay attention to the place and the tools the person wears. Make sure they wear plastic gloves and clean all their tools.

Getting a piercing is interesting and for some people, it is a booster to make them feel confident. However, just make sure to know how to avoid infection after piercing so that the piercing will still look good. Therefore, you can look good in your new jewelry.  

Health Benefits Of Curcumin You Should Know

Almost everyone knows that Tumeric is good for health, but do you know what’s inside it? Tumeric mainly composed of curcumin, a compound that is a strong antioxidant. That’s why consuming curcumin will always be good for your health. Not only an antioxidant but there are other health benefits of curcumin you have to know. So, let’s check them all.

1. Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

Though in the short period inflammatory can help the body fight the foreign substance if it happens in the long periods it will harm the body. And curcumin is one of the substances that can fight that inflammation.

Furthermore, it seems that curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory that even rivals the man-made drugs. Also, there isn’t any side effect of it, so it’s safe for you to consume it.

2. Help to Fight Free Radicals

One of the health benefits of curcumin is that it helps your body to fight free radicals. As you have known free radicals can greatly bring harm to the body. It can increase the progress of aging and also the causes of some diseases.

However, if you consume the curcumin, you can prevent free radicals as it can block free radicals due to its chemical structure. Also, curcumin can stimulate the body’s antioxidant enzyme to be more active. 

3. Lower The Risk of Brain Disease

There is a hormone in the brain called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) that helps in the increasing and multiplying neuron connection. If the level of this hormone is decreasing, it will cause many problems for the brain.

However, the decrease of the BDNF level can be prevented by curcumin. On the other hand, curcumin even can increase the level of BDNF, this helps to prevent brain diseases such as stroke or depression. Moreover, consuming curcumin can also strengthen memory as there is an increase in the neuron connection.

4. Prevent the Heart Disease

One of the greatest benefits of curcumin is to prevent heart disease. Although there are many factors that cause heart disease, curcumin is believed to play a major role in preventing heart disease. 

Curcumin can improve the function of the endothelium that the dysfunction is linked to heart disease. One of the studies said that curcumin is as good as exercises, while the other said its effect is like the drug, Atorvastatin.

5. Treat and Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a disease that can lead to death. That’s why it’s important to prevent and treat this disease to lessen the patient’s suffers. That is when curcumin coming to show its power. Some studies said that consuming curcumin can affect the growth of cancerous cells.

Also, it can prevent the development and stop cancer cells from spreading at the molecular level. Furthermore, the studies said that curcumin contributed to the death of cancerous cells.

Even though it doesn’t seem like that but there are many health benefits of curcumin. But, to make your body feels the benefits of curcumin, you should consume it in the appropriate doses. If you eat it in an insufficient amount then the benefits you get will not enormous. However, when you eat it an adequate amount, then your body will feel the difference.

6 Health Benefits From Meditation For You

Meditation is a mental exercise that can provide calm and peace because it includes relaxation, focus, and awareness. Therefore, this exercise can create peace of mind and make the body relax. Apart from that, there are still other benefits that you can get after doing meditation. The following are some of the health benefits from meditation.

1. Overcoming Stress

The first benefit of meditation is that it can reduce stress. Many problems that are difficult to solve are one of the triggers for someone to experience stress. Stress is the beginning of various other mental health problems such as sleep disorders, depression, and excessive anxiety.

Meditation can deal with stress that causes various health problems. People who do meditation and breathing exercises for 25 minutes a day can get tremendous benefits. For example in reducing cortisol levels and can solve problems better.

2. Boosts the immune system

One of the health benefits of meditation is that it can increase the immune system. In addition to mental benefits, meditation also has benefits in overcoming various physical health problems. Benefits in physical health are like being able to increase the immune system.

With the benefits of this one, you can avoid the flu and cough that is transmitted by others. By regularly exercising and meditating, you can avoid the risk of developing a cold and cough. Therefore, meditation is very good for you to do routinely.

3. Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

People who experience depression are usually the effects of stress. So that meditation can also overcome depression by providing calm and peace. By doing meditation for 30 minutes a day on a regular basis, coupled with aerobic exercise, then you can reduce symptoms of depression even up to 40%.

People who do this regularly can control themselves to not worry and think too much about something that causes stress and depression. Not only can you control anxiety, meditation can also prevent depression.

4. Sleep More Comfortable

Sleeping more comfortably is one of the health benefits from meditation. If you have a bad mental state coupled with a body that lacks rest, further aggravate your sleeplessness. Therefore, with meditation, the body will release tension and become more relaxed so that a person can sleep better.

Meditation is the most appropriate solution and choice to overcome the problem. Although there are sleeping pills, you should not use them often because they have a bad effect on the body later.

5. Strengthen Memory

Meditation also has benefits to strengthen memory. This usually occurs in the elderly whose memory is increasingly diminishing. As we get older, brain function will decrease so that it will be easy to forget something.

Meditation that combines singing and repetitive movements can practice one’s concentration. It also can increase the attention and concentration of the elderly. It can even help improve brain function for the elderly who suffer from dementia.

6. Fight Addiction

Health benefits from meditation next are to fight addiction. Of course, addiction is a condition when someone is dependent on something and the impact is very negative. You need to know that the attitude of discipline when meditating so that it can control one’s addiction.

Therefore people who have addictions will not do it again. An addict will become more aware of the most appropriate way to control excessive addiction.

That’s 6 health benefits from meditation you need to know. Many people think that meditation is only a part of the lifestyle. But people who do it will get extraordinary health benefits.

Carbohydrates Substitute For Diabetics That You Need To Know

Diabetes is a chronic disease that needs special treatment. For diabetes patients, they must avoid many kinds of food. The foods are forbidden for them because it can endanger them. Commonly, they should avoid the food which contains glucose or any kind of sweet food. Moreover, diabetes patients also forbid to eat carbohydrates substance. However, not all carbohydrates are forbidden to eat by diabetes patients. Instead of avoiding eating carbohydrates, they need to eat low carbohydrate food. Then, what are the carbohydrates substitute for diabetics? Here is the information.

1. Dairy

All people know that diabetes patients cannot eat glucose or sweet food. Then, how can they allow them to drink dairy? Dairy products such as milk and others contain carbohydrates inside. However, dairy does not contain glucose which is forbidden to eat by diabetes patients, but it contains lactose. Moreover, dairy contains good substances that are protein and calcium. Protein is the source of power which good for muscle and metabolic. Then, by eating protein our body will powerful. Thus, this will be a perfect carbohydrates substitute for diabetics.

2. Kidney Beans

Even the diabetes patient is forbidden to eat carbohydrates, not all carbohydrates are dangerous for them. Some of the carbs are good for diabetes people such as beans. Bean contain carbohydrate but is also contain high fiber which is good for diabetes patients. However, fiber is very good to eat for diabetes patients. Thus, if you have diabetes, you should eat a bean or kidney bean to substitute the fiber more to the body.

3. Fruits

Even fruit has carbs and sweets, fruit also has many good substances to eat. The fruit is a high fiber food which is good to consume by diabetes patient. Many people may say that fruit is the source of sweetness. Besides, fruit contains healthy carbs, fiber, and also antioxidants. In addition, the sweetness of the fruit is not coming from glucose, but sucrose which is not dangerous for diabetes patients. Therefore, it is healthy for diabetes patients to eat some fruits to add vitamin and other good substances for the body.

4. Berries

Berries, blueberries, strawberries, and also raspberries, is a great food for diabetes patients. This food is good because it contains low sugar and carbohydrate than other fruit. Moreover, berries also contain high fiber which is great to control the high-pressure of blood. Berries are almost good for restraining the high-pressure blood disease as the complication of diabetes. This fruit is also good for decreasing the fat as weight control. Not only for diabetes, but berries are also good for all people.

5. Vegetables

Not only fruits and berries, but vegetables are also good for diabetes patients. Vegetables can make you feel full of a good substance. It is also the best food that has low calories as alternative food. Therefore, you must eat vegetables instead of rice to make you feel full.

To sum up, healthy is very important for us. therefore, we need to keep our body healthy by avoiding a bad habit. If we have a disease such as diabetes, we need to know carbohydrates substitute for diabetics to keep our body stable.

Proven Benefits Of Chocolate For Health – What Are They?

Good news for those who love to consume chocolate whether in a drink or as a bar. This is because chocolate, especially dark chocolate contains many vitamins and nutrients that are positive for the body. Dark chocolate is made from the seed of a cocoa tree, where it is the best source of antioxidants. Other than antioxidants, there are many other proven benefits of chocolate for health that are good for the human body. Therefore, consuming the right amount of dark chocolate in a period of time can help you be healthier.

Even though chocolate is healthy, research recommends consuming at least 1-2 pieces/day only. Because dark chocolate still contains a small amount of sugar, which is not good if we consume too much. However, when choosing dark chocolate, make sure to consume dark chocolate with a high cacao percentage. Because the higher the percentage of cocoa the better it is for the body, although it can be bitter. Here are some other benefits of chocolate for health that you can feel after consuming them:

1. Contains Much Nutrition

Dark chocolate is good for the body because it is rich in nutrition such as magnesium, fiber, and iron. This nutrition is important for the body as it can make the body strong and healthy. However, it is best to consume dark chocolate in a moderation way because nutrition is still complete. 

2. Help Lose Weight

People who are on diet can consume dark chocolate because it can help you lose some weight. According to research, consuming dark chocolate will make people full easier and eat less. Therefore, it is best to consume dark chocolate 20 minutes before and five minutes after you consume a meal. By eating chocolate at this time, you can cut your meal up to 50%. So, for those who are on a diet can try this trick out.

3. Relieve Stress

One of the most proven benefits of chocolate for health is it can relieve stress. Consuming chocolate in a bar or drinking chocolate can make people happier. Even scientists agree with this statement because chocolate just tastes good and amazing. Dark chocolate contains a component named phenylethylamine, which stimulates the body to a happy feeling. Therefore, if you are feeling stressed out, make sure to eat and drink some chocolate.

4. Gives you Energy Boost

For people who are addicted to coffee but learning to drink less can consume dark chocolate as a change. The amount of caffeine in dark chocolate is smaller compared to coffee but it can help boost your energy. Research in England even said that dark chocolate is good to consume for athletes because it can give energy.

5. Help Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Some research even found out that consuming dark chocolate can help reduce heart disease risk. This is because dark chocolate contains a compound that can help protect the oxidation of LDL. The study found that people who consume dark chocolate have fewer effects compared to the ones that didn’t consume any.

So, for those who love chocolate can start eating dark chocolate to fill their desire. However, even though there are many benefits of chocolate for health, make sure to consume them the right way. By eating chocolate with the right portion, you can have a healthier and stronger body.   

5 Home Remedies As The Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps During On Period

Period cramps really matter for every woman. It might come before the time and on the first day. Some others still have it until the second day. Actually, it is normal due to something happens inside your body. But it doesn’t mean you cannot solve that bad feeling. There are many ways to cure cramps, even by using natural ingredients. Thus, in this article, we share with you the easy ways to get rid of cramps through home remedies.

easy ways to get rid of cramps

Something happens inside your body which causes cramps is the contractions in the womb or uterus. There are lots of muscles that press the blood vessels when your date is coming. The vessels become lack of oxygen, so you feel the pain here that called a cramp. Your doctor will call this situation “dysmenorrhea”. Be patient because it will get through as your blood totally flows out. Here are the easy ways to get rid of cramps as an early treatment:

1. Place a Warm Patch

Something warm can heal your pain. Put the warm patch on your abdomen, wait for couple minutes until the muscles get to relax because the heat helps to boost blood circulation. Many studies have proven that this method can be the best pain reliever. Actually, the warm patch is not only effective for cramps but also to solve fatigue and mood swings. We don’t really recommend you to use a warm bottle because it potentially breaks out.

2. Massage with Essentials Oils

There are lots of essentials oils out there, such as lavender, rose, cinnamon, and many others. Choose the scent you love because it is able to boost the blood circulation too. Make it as a massage oil onto the abdomen. But, remember, don’t be very hard, just do a gentle massage. You can also combine the oil with jojoba oil or coconut oil. They help you to spread the essentials oil around the area evenly.

3. Soak in the Warm Water

There is nothing pleasure than soaking your body into the bath up. Fill it with warm water and let the body lies inside for about 15 minutes. Let your pelvic muscles relax for a moment. It would be nicer if you light on the aromatherapy candlelight and add several drops of essential oils. Because the only thing you need to get rid of the cramp is being relaxed.

4. Pause the Caffeine and Salty Snacks

You probably think that caffeine could repair your mood. Well, this is totally wrong when you have the period cramps. Caffeine can cause bloating and create more discomfort feeling. It is also applied for the salty snack. Taking chips is not a good idea for now. Avoid both caffeine and salt at this moment. Choosing low-fat or vegetarian food might be the best option.

5. Take Mineral Water

Stay hydrated is a must thing to do. You cannot let your body drained, even though you don’t feel thirsty. It is better if the water is warm. Take more than 8 glasses than you use to do in everyday life. Because the cramps will be worse when your body lack water.

Period cramps are very common, but still, there is a condition when you need to see a doctor. If you have followed all the easy ways to get rid of cramps above and it gets worse, there might be something bad inside. You should see someone professional to help you. Because the five things above should be able to cure the pain at least in one day.

24/7 Online Casino Customer Support

Online players may require help with an assortment of circumstances. They might be confronting issues in introducing a specific game; or might need to know whether they have finished the betting necessities on a reward or may require explanation on the guidelines of another advancement. Every one of these issues and a lot more are settled by reaching client service. On the off chance that the online gambling club doesn’t give a productive and affable client service administration then after some time it will lose customer base to different gambling clubs.

Not exclusively should the online gambling club give a productive and affable client assistance administration yet it must give the help all day, every day, which is 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Dissimilar to land gambling clubs, online gambling clubs don’t have determined confined working hours. Players can bet whenever of the day or week. Since the gambling club can be gotten to from anyplace on the planet, players from various time zones are playing all the while. What’s more, players need arrangements right away. Consequently it is fundamental that the client assistance administration is accessible nonstop.

Online club offer client care administration through different methods. One of the most widely recognized methods is through the phone. Players can essentially call the phone number given at the client assistance area, disclose the issue to the care staff part that gets the call and get the answer for the issue. Numerous online club offer cost free numbers that can be dialed from high thickness player districts like the United States and the United Kingdom and others. However, those outside these locales need to utilize a worldwide line and bear the expense of the call. There is another little issue that players bringing client service via telephone lines may confront. They would need to experience a character check process in light of the fact that the exchange may include touchy data. The online club needs to guarantee that such data isn’t uncovered to anybody however the concerned player. The expense and the confirmation issues are dealt with in email support. Players send their questions liberated from cost however email, frequently utilizing a connection gave inside the gambling club programming. Furthermore, since the email is sent in the wake of signing in there is no need of any character confirmation. Anyway reaction to messages isn’t quick. There can be hole of a few hours before an answer is gotten and on the off chance that the answer prompts some more inquiries, at that point further time is lost.

Luckily there is currently a strategy for client care that joins the upsides of telephonic and email support and takes out their burdens. This is live talk. Live visit is free and the reaction is immediate. It is much the same as conveying utilizing any Internet informing administration. Just for this situation the administration happens inside the online gambling club programming customer. The best slot online gambling clubs give the live visit office. Noticeable are the club of the Rushmore gaming gathering – Rushmore Casino, Cherry Red and Slots Oasis Casino. Truth be told this office is given by a few other online gambling clubs prescribed by CasinoAdvisor.

First Aid For Choking Infant, Things You Should Know

Choking could happen in anybody, including the infant. It is a condition when someone cannot breathe due to various factors, usually foods, a toy, or any object that blocks the throat. If you find this situation, don’t be panic. Thus, you need to know the first aid for choking infant. Indeed, it is possible to get worse, but at least, when you do the first aid, you can prevent the bad thing until the medical help arrive.

first aid for choking infant

Before you know the first aid for choking infants, you should understand the symptoms too. Of course, the most obvious sign is the baby hard to breathe. You can see their ribs and chest pull inward. Don’t imagine they will cry out loud. Contrarily, it is hard to cry and even make a soft noise. Also, their face will turn into red puffy and shows stress. Now it is time to see how to handle it:

1. Do Not Put Finger Inside

The first thing that will cross your mind is taking out what is inside their mouths. It is true, but never try to put in your fingers, unless you can see the object. Even though you can see the object, you still potentially make it further down or damaged the throat. But if you really sure can safely pluck it out, then just do.

2. Slap It Out

If you see the baby is hard to breathe, cry, or cough, you need to back their blow. Lay the baby face down. You can use your forearm and thigh to support their head and neck. Give a gentle back blows between their shoulder blades. The position of their head must be lower than their body.

3. Squeeze It Out

If the previous method cannot make the object out, you can squeeze your baby. Turn the baby face-up and lay down on your thigh or lap to support their body. Don’t forget to support their neck and head too. Place two fingers in the center of their chest, exactly below the nipples line. Give five quick chest thrusts, press the chest until a half depth of the chest. Continue it until the object is coming out.

4. Do Not Place Them Upside Down by Their Feet

This is absolutely not an effective method. It is so risky to make the object further dropped down and more injuries inside. Once the object goes more down, it could blockade their throat that causes them to be harder to breathe. Also, you should stop slapping if the baby stops breathing for the other causes, for example, asthma, swelling, or blow to the head.

5. Call for a Help

You might get more frustrated when the baby looks worse. At this time, you cannot hold for more time, just hang up the phone and call an ambulance or anyone for help. It is a dangerous situation, so you need a professional hand to handle. Keep giving the back blows or chest thrusts until they are coming to help your baby.

Those are what you can do as the first aid for choking infant. On the other hand, you can do early prevention for this. Keep watching the infant while he/she is playing around. Don’t put potential objects, like coins, nuts, or small items, around them. Also, never give the toys with small parts under 3 years old.

Is Gluten Intolerance Genetic? Let’s Get To Know This Disease

Being healthy is everything. We won’t get hurt or sick whatever the condition and whatever the cause. We don’t want to have a disease whatever it is including Gluten Intolerance. In some cases, gluten intolerance is known as a simple disease which it has no dangerous impact. But, in other cases, gluten intolerance becomes a dangerous disease. Many people asking about is gluten intolerance genetic? Then, did you get the answer? If you have not got the answer yet, I will explain to you completely about gluten intolerance.

Is gluten intolerance genetic

What is Gluten Intolerance?

If you wondering about the question “is gluten intolerance genetic?” you need to know first about what is the meaning of gluten intolerance is. Gluten intolerance is the disease that our body gives a negative response after consuming such gluten food. This disease is almost the same with celiac disease. Some people argue that both of them are the same. But actually, both of them are different. Celiac disease commonly increases someone’s immunity. Moreover, in celiac disease, people will feel the infection in some parts of their bodies.

Commonly, gluten intolerance can affect celiac disease. Moreover, gluten intolerance is the permanent disease therefore, you can totally heal this disease, but you just able to against the cause of gluten intolerance.

How Can Gluten Intolerance Contaminated? Is Gluten Intolerance Genetic?

Many people wondering about is gluten intolerance genetic. As the previous explanation that this disease cannot heal totally. Then, it contaminated by family amounts of 25 percent. Therefore, gluten intolerance genetically contaminated. Commonly, it contaminated from the mother into a child. Not only from the mother into a child, but the twins baby will have 70 percent contaminate gluten intolerance.

The Symptoms Of Gluten Intolerance

The symptom of gluten intolerance is different among people. the symptoms are shown differently based on age. For adult people, the symptoms are almost common symptoms such as tired, constipation, vomiting. Then, older children show poor growth, malabsorption, abdominal pain, and also diarrhea. For a baby, the symptoms are pale, lethargy, and also a failure to thrive.

Thus, when you face your family or your child having those kinds of symptoms, you must be hurry to bring them into the doctor to get more diagnoses and medical treatment. The doctor will cross check the symptoms by having such a gluten intolerance test. The test is a kind of antibody test because gluten intolerance is almost the immune disease or antibody disease.

What Is The Best Medicine And Treatment For Gluten Intolerance?

As the previous explanation that gluten intolerance cannot be healed, thus what you need to do is doing some simple treatments at home. Moreover, we have known that this disease is genetic contaminate. Gluten intolerance is caused by gluten substance in the food. Therefore, you need to avoid any kind of food that contains gluten. You must be aware and always looking at the ingredients first before eating. Moreover, you also need to do such a diet from some fast food.

Those are the explanation of gluten intolerance. Now, we know the answer to the question is gluten intolerance genetic. Therefore, we must be aware of gluten symptoms that occur to our family. Thus, everything will be okay.

How to Prevent Stroke Naturally in Your Daily Life

Perhaps you already familiar or at least ever heard about stroke attack. Sadly, not many people really know what it is. Stroke is a brain attack that happens when the blood supply stops. Blood is very essential to the brain because it brings oxygen and nutrients so the brain can work properly. Without blood, the brain cells are damaged and not able to do their jobs. Thus, when there is no supply, someone will get problems, such as hard to speak, paralysis of face or arm, headache, until difficult to walk. To avoid these conditions, read this article about how to prevent stroke naturally through your daily activity.

Actually, the prevention of stroke can be done through a healthy lifestyle. It is the main key to avoid any disease and other health problems. Because, the risk doesn’t only come from a medical condition, but many people get stroke due to their lifestyle. If we are talking about medical factors, so it will relate to cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and diabetes. While we discuss the way you live, you must watch your daily intake, smoking and drinking habit, and many more. See how to prevent stroke naturally below for more details:

1. Stop Smoking

The first thing to do if you won’t get a stroke attack is to stop smoking. There is no excuse that smoking makes your blood to clot. When someone doesn’t smoke, he/she already has a risk to get a stroke. It will be worse with smoking; the risk is double. No matter how long you have already smoking, just stop now and be consistent. We know that it is hard, but, remember, your health is more important than it.

2. Avoid Alcohol

When someone asks you to stop smoking, they follow the advice of avoiding alcohol. Because these two activities are usually done at the same time. Alcohol gives a bad result in your blood pressure. If you feel hard to do this, then start to limit it now. When you are in a celebration or attending a party, remember, find an alternative drink than alcohol. Or, if you are hard to ignore it, drink with food or drink slowly.

3. Eating Well

This part doesn’t mean you only take fruits and vegetables on the plate. Choose the variety of healthy foods, such as proteins, dairy food, starchy food, or fats and sugars (but don’t too much). Try to limit junk food because it gives a bad effect on your weight which is risky to result high blood pressure. If you need a professional hand to manage our intake, then see the nutritionist get a recommendation.

4. Be Active

For those who always say never have time to go to the gym, then just stay active. There is no reason not to move along the day. You can ask for dog-walking, taking stairs instead of lift or escalator, warming up your body in the morning, and many more. These activities are good to reduce high blood pressure.

5. Maintain Stress

Stress is not only for the worker, everybody potentially gets the stress. So, it is important to manage your stress and anger. Maybe the effect won’t be seen in a short time. But, if you let it for the long-term, your health will be affected too.

Talking about the stroke risk, indeed, there are factors that you cannot change, such as family history, age, gender, and ethnic background. However, stroke attacks can be reduced by doing things above. If you get other tips about how to prevent stroke naturally, you better share it with your family, friends, and neighborhood. Probably they are looking for that information to stay healthy too.

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