Diabetes is a chronic disease that needs special treatment. For diabetes patients, they must avoid many kinds of food. The foods are forbidden for them because it can endanger them. Commonly, they should avoid the food which contains glucose or any kind of sweet food. Moreover, diabetes patients also forbid to eat carbohydrates substance. However, not all carbohydrates are forbidden to eat by diabetes patients. Instead of avoiding eating carbohydrates, they need to eat low carbohydrate food. Then, what are the carbohydrates substitute for diabetics? Here is the information.

1. Dairy

All people know that diabetes patients cannot eat glucose or sweet food. Then, how can they allow them to drink dairy? Dairy products such as milk and others contain carbohydrates inside. However, dairy does not contain glucose which is forbidden to eat by diabetes patients, but it contains lactose. Moreover, dairy contains good substances that are protein and calcium. Protein is the source of power which good for muscle and metabolic. Then, by eating protein our body will powerful. Thus, this will be a perfect carbohydrates substitute for diabetics.

2. Kidney Beans

Even the diabetes patient is forbidden to eat carbohydrates, not all carbohydrates are dangerous for them. Some of the carbs are good for diabetes people such as beans. Bean contain carbohydrate but is also contain high fiber which is good for diabetes patients. However, fiber is very good to eat for diabetes patients. Thus, if you have diabetes, you should eat a bean or kidney bean to substitute the fiber more to the body.

3. Fruits

Even fruit has carbs and sweets, fruit also has many good substances to eat. The fruit is a high fiber food which is good to consume by diabetes patient. Many people may say that fruit is the source of sweetness. Besides, fruit contains healthy carbs, fiber, and also antioxidants. In addition, the sweetness of the fruit is not coming from glucose, but sucrose which is not dangerous for diabetes patients. Therefore, it is healthy for diabetes patients to eat some fruits to add vitamin and other good substances for the body.

4. Berries

Berries, blueberries, strawberries, and also raspberries, is a great food for diabetes patients. This food is good because it contains low sugar and carbohydrate than other fruit. Moreover, berries also contain high fiber which is great to control the high-pressure of blood. Berries are almost good for restraining the high-pressure blood disease as the complication of diabetes. This fruit is also good for decreasing the fat as weight control. Not only for diabetes, but berries are also good for all people.

5. Vegetables

Not only fruits and berries, but vegetables are also good for diabetes patients. Vegetables can make you feel full of a good substance. It is also the best food that has low calories as alternative food. Therefore, you must eat vegetables instead of rice to make you feel full.

To sum up, healthy is very important for us. therefore, we need to keep our body healthy by avoiding a bad habit. If we have a disease such as diabetes, we need to know carbohydrates substitute for diabetics to keep our body stable.