Period cramps really matter for every woman. It might come before the time and on the first day. Some others still have it until the second day. Actually, it is normal due to something happens inside your body. But it doesn’t mean you cannot solve that bad feeling. There are many ways to cure cramps, even by using natural ingredients. Thus, in this article, we share with you the easy ways to get rid of cramps through home remedies.

easy ways to get rid of cramps

Something happens inside your body which causes cramps is the contractions in the womb or uterus. There are lots of muscles that press the blood vessels when your date is coming. The vessels become lack of oxygen, so you feel the pain here that called a cramp. Your doctor will call this situation “dysmenorrhea”. Be patient because it will get through as your blood totally flows out. Here are the easy ways to get rid of cramps as an early treatment:

1. Place a Warm Patch

Something warm can heal your pain. Put the warm patch on your abdomen, wait for couple minutes until the muscles get to relax because the heat helps to boost blood circulation. Many studies have proven that this method can be the best pain reliever. Actually, the warm patch is not only effective for cramps but also to solve fatigue and mood swings. We don’t really recommend you to use a warm bottle because it potentially breaks out.

2. Massage with Essentials Oils

There are lots of essentials oils out there, such as lavender, rose, cinnamon, and many others. Choose the scent you love because it is able to boost the blood circulation too. Make it as a massage oil onto the abdomen. But, remember, don’t be very hard, just do a gentle massage. You can also combine the oil with jojoba oil or coconut oil. They help you to spread the essentials oil around the area evenly.

3. Soak in the Warm Water

There is nothing pleasure than soaking your body into the bath up. Fill it with warm water and let the body lies inside for about 15 minutes. Let your pelvic muscles relax for a moment. It would be nicer if you light on the aromatherapy candlelight and add several drops of essential oils. Because the only thing you need to get rid of the cramp is being relaxed.

4. Pause the Caffeine and Salty Snacks

You probably think that caffeine could repair your mood. Well, this is totally wrong when you have the period cramps. Caffeine can cause bloating and create more discomfort feeling. It is also applied for the salty snack. Taking chips is not a good idea for now. Avoid both caffeine and salt at this moment. Choosing low-fat or vegetarian food might be the best option.

5. Take Mineral Water

Stay hydrated is a must thing to do. You cannot let your body drained, even though you don’t feel thirsty. It is better if the water is warm. Take more than 8 glasses than you use to do in everyday life. Because the cramps will be worse when your body lack water.

Period cramps are very common, but still, there is a condition when you need to see a doctor. If you have followed all the easy ways to get rid of cramps above and it gets worse, there might be something bad inside. You should see someone professional to help you. Because the five things above should be able to cure the pain at least in one day.